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The Alsace Wine Route Itinerary: here comes the road trip! Starting Point: Strasbourg Ends: Mulhouse Recommended Duration: 10-14 days Distance: approx. 250 kms (155 miles) This map will make it easy for you to find the different stages of the route, especially if it's your first time in Alsace Alsace's famous sweet, liqueur-like late harvest and noble-rotted wines - Vendanges Tardives and Sélections de Grains Nobles - are a delight for lovers of complex, powerful wines!. As for Crémant d'Alsace, a delicately sparkling wine, it is produced by the traditional method with a secondary fermentation in the bottle.The appeal of its fresh flavour and tiny, dancing bubbles has made. Alsace marks the end of the grape harvest with a host of festivals in October, making it the perfect time to visit the vineyards and villages along France's famous wine route, says John Brunto Alsace wine or Alsatian wine (French: Vin d'Alsace; German: Elsässer Wein; Haut Rhin Alsatian: d'r Wii vum Elsàss; Bas Rhin Alsatian: de Win vum Elsàss) is produced in the Alsace region in France and is primarily white wine.Because of its Germanic influence, it is the only Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée region in France to produce mostly varietal wines, typically from similar grape. A little video of me driving the Vineyard route up north from Thann to Molsheim and then Strasbourg. 0:19 departure near Thann 0:45 Saint-Marc monestary 1:17..

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The Alsace Wine Route. Located in eastern France, the Alsace Wine Route spans 170 km, starting near Strasbourg in the north and ending just south of Colmar. This area is a wonderful blend of French and German culture. Colorful, half-timbered buildings line cobblestoned streets The wine region of Alsace cultivates its festive tradition. Wine festivals, gourmet walks, fairs, marathons: throughout the year, the wine-growing villages celebrate the wines of Alsace! The annual festive traditions have been anchored in the lifestyle of Alsace since the Middle Ages The Alsace wine route is one of the most popular and attractive ways to explore the traditional villages of the Alsace region, and to learn more about the wines that are produced. The route covers more than 170 km as it traces a line from north to south broadly following the eastern edge of the Vosges mountains, and crosses the southern half of the Bas-Rhin department and the northern half of. The Alsace Wine Route, one of the oldest in France, crosses these different wine districts. From Marlenheim to Thann, it allows you to discover 170 km of scenic landscapes, from medieval villages and half-timbered houses decorated with flowers, to castles and Roman and Gothic churches

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The town of Guebwiller is located on the Alsace wine route at an altitude of 300 meters, at the foot of the Grand Ballon formerly called Ballon de Guebwiller, the highest peak in the Vosges mountains (1424m) The Alsace wine route truly surpassed our expectations. We both found that we actually like white wines. The towns are beautiful and unique in their own ways. Alsatian people were happy to see us and generally very kind and patient with our French. And, the scenery is beautiful.. The Alsace wine route, located in eastern France, is a wonderful blend of fairytale towns and picturesque vineyards. 3 days on the Alsace wine route gives you enough time to visit a handful of these charming towns and to explore the countryside When to Visit the Alsace Wine Route. From May to October, the Alsace Wine Route is buzzing with activity.Visitors travel near and far to experience the spellbinding appeal of this celebrated wine trail. Summer attracts the largest crowds, beckoning visitors with its sun-filled days, vibrantly colored vineyards, and lively festivals celebrating harvest season

The Alsace Wine Route The heartland of the riesling grape is also home to some of the world's best gewurztraminer, pinot gris and pinot noir, offering dry, sweet and sparkling options for wine. Hotels in Alsace Wine Route that offer highly-rated breakfasts include Pêche de Vigne & Spa, Le Parc Hôtel Obernai & Yonaguni Spa, and Hotel Restaurant A la Vignette. Breakfast at these hotels in Alsace Wine Route are also highly-rated: Hotel The Originals Domaine de Beaupré, Auberge Le Meisenberg, and Relais et Châteaux Le Chambard the heart of the Alsace wine route : Colmar, Ribeauvillé, Hunawihr, Riquewihr, the Kaysersberg vineyards, Turckheim, Eguisheim and Voegtlinshoffen. You're free to hop on and off as often. as you like for just 15€ for the whole day

Sök och boka hotell online. Boka ett Hotell i Alsace Wine Route Its wine-growing area is the furthest north on the Alsace Wine Route. It extends over the towns of Cleebourg, Rott, Oberhoffen, Steinseltz, Riedseltz and Wissembourg. The wine-makers are grouped together in the Cleebourg Wine-making Cooperative which manages about 189 hectares of vineyards The Alsace wine route ranks among the most famous in Europe and is one of the oldest in France. Founded in 1953, it meanders through the famous wine growing region taking in the best of the Alsace scenery, architecture, tourist attractions and gastronomy

The Alsace Wine Route is open to visitors year-round but it is recommended to visit between the Spring and Autumn months (May to October). This is due to the landscape being its most beautiful at this time with the vineyards beaming with light greens and deep shades of orange. Tip: During harvest, access to the wine paths is restricted Alsace has been a pioneer in wine tourism in France with the development of the Wine Route which has, over the past 60 years, contributed to the success of Alsace wines. Famous for its exceptional natural beauty, the Wine Route leads visitors across rows of undulating, vine-covered hills, and through delightful quaint villages with narrow streets and charming flower-decked houses A must-see on the Alsace Wine Route, the wine cellars in the northern section of the Wine Route are open to your curiosity. Discover the secrets of Alsace Wines, related by enthusiasts.. Answer 1 of 4: Thank you for taking the time. So far, with my other question, people have been most helpful. We have one day and a car, in early November, with which to do part of the Wine Route, starting in Riq, and planning on going north. The goal is to.. Offical site of the CIVA and Vins d'Alsace since 1996. Set off to discover the Alsace wine-growing area and its Grands Crus

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  1. Quaint villages, sprawling landscapes, and hilly vineyards make up the Alsace wine region. The Alsace Wine Route (Route du Vin) itself is an incredible road to drive along, stopping at villages along the way for coffee, wine tasting, or even just a stroll. If you go around Christmas, it's even better. Add in the Alsatian Christmas markets...[Read More
  2. Alsace Wine Route. criteres.1900461.modalites.1908571.exist:1. selections:7062. Maître restaurateur Auberge Au Vieux Pressoir Westhalten. 0 /10. TrustYou rating. 0 reviews. Maître restaurateur Restaurant Joséphine Saint Hippolyte. Maître restaurateur Restaurant - Winstub Rabseppi-Stebel Saint Hippolyte. 0 /10
  3. g villages, stunning countryside, and delicious, affordable white varietals. This guide shares tips for wine tasting on Alsace wine route, recommendations on where to stay, and the best wineries and restaurants to visit along the way

The Alsace Wine Route is a jewel! A true picturesque tourist route that winds gently along the mountainside, it crosses Alsace from north to south and stretches for 170 km through a succession of fairytale villages and offers a unique view illustrating the richness and diversity of the alsatians landscapes composed of limestone soils, hills, castles, and vineyards Kaysersberg is one of my favorite villages in Alsace.Located on the Wine Route, it is not far from Colmar and has mad charm during the Christmas market, but also all year round.I actually prefer it outside of Christmas time, during spring or summer, when everything is in bloom. A short history of Kaysersber The Alsace Wine Route. Home. Things to see and do. Around Obernai. The Alsace Wine Route; The oldest Wine Route in France. The world-famous Alsace Wine Route is a simple but stunning way to discover the Alsace region and its wine-growers.. It winds its way from north to south through the hills of the region for 170km, at the foot of the eastern slopes of the Vosges mountains

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  1. Located in the East of France, Alsace is nestled between the border of Germany and the Vosges mountains. From Strasbourg to Colmar passing through the famous Alsatian Wine Route (Route du vin), this cycling trip will take you to the heart of Alsace. Cycling up the Mont Sainte Odile and through vineyards. You will visit the medieval town of Riquewirh, one of the 'Most Beautiful Villages in.
  2. Alsace Wine Route. Highly recommended . It is perhaps the most famous gastronomic road in France. For some 125km/78mi, from Marlenheim to Thann, it takes you past historic sites and contemporary delights, including vineyards, pretty villages, old castles, tasting.
  3. ibus. In just under half an hour, we'll arrive at the first stop on our route, the village of Obernai

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Note: The southern Alsace vineyard is so steep that the wine growers sometimes have to use ropes during the harvest. Discover the vineyard path on two wheels! The website alsaceavelo.fr provides a route of about 100 kilometres, which passes about 100 municipalities and about 50 Alsace Grand Cru AOC areas Most recently, Alsace was ruled by Germany until the end of WWII when it became a territory of France. A tour of the Alsace Wine Route provides a great way to explore the small Alsacien villages, wines, and food and experience it's multicultural influences Consider this small-group day tour along the Alsace Wine Route. Visiting Colmar. Colmar is the city that called me back to visit Alsace. Like many of the other cities on the Alsace wine route, Colmar was spared most of the ravages for World War II, so it is full of history and amazing buildings that date back to the 15th century Homepage The Alsace Wine Route Typical villages on the Alsace Wine Route. View map Filter Filter. 30 Result(s) selections:7081. Suggestions. Eguisheim Eguisheim. Suggestions. Kaysersberg Kaysersberg Vignoble. Suggestions. Riquewihr Riquewihr. Suggestions. Ribeauville - one of the oldest medieval town in Alsace Ribeauville. Rosheim Rosheim. Boersc For over 60 years, the Alsace Wine Route has proposed visitors numerous ways to discover the wines and wine-makers. Discover. A land of history and culture. Alsace has a significantly complex and turbulent past which contributed to shaping the wine-growing area. Discover. Festive vineyards

If you want to come to visit Alsace, I would imagine that you are thinking of going on the famous Alsace Wine Route.It's a very good idea, but do you know that you can do it by bicycle?The Véloroute du Vignoble (Eurovélo 5) follows the Wine Route and lets you discover the vineyard differently: no noise, no pollution, facing the wind, the scents of earth and grapevines gorged on sun (or. I went exploring the wine routes of Alsace with the CIVA team. We spent 3 days exploring this magic land in North East of France focusing on biodynamic wine. The Wine Route is a capricious serpentine which curves around the eastern slopes of the Vosges Mountains, peacefully winding round the mountains and passing through about a hundred wineproducing villages. It encompasses some fifty areas boasting A.O.C. Alsace Grand Crus (Vintage Wine). Next to the Wine Route of Alsace, the cycle route follows former rail trails, parts of the Roman road. The wine route in Alsace (Route de vine d' Alsace) is the region's trademark, as it is one of the most well-known in the world! This on its own is a very good reason to put it high on your list. And if you drink an extra 1,2,3,4,5glasses of wine, you will be completely justified

We headed east from the magical city of Paris, towards the border of the neighboring country on a train. Giddy with excitement that our journey to explore the Alsace wine route - famously known for its vineyards and distinctive heritage - has finally begun, but our trip wasn't about wine.It was about Christmas Markets Who doesn't know about Riquewihr?This adorable village located on the Alsace Wine Route is often a must-see for people coming to visit the region. And rightly so, because one can only admit that Riquewihr is a very beautiful place.We might criticize its touristy shops and the fact that crowds descend upon the village regularly, but a visit to Riquewihr is still worth it Alsace majors in wine, cycling and beautifully­ preserved villages. You can combine all of these on the highly recommended Alsace Wine Route (below, or click here for PDF ), which stretches for 120km along the eastern foothills of the Vosges mountains (see here for our article dedicated to the Vosges) Even for first-time visitors, the Alsace wine route is easy to navigate. Extending from Thann in the south to Obernai in the north, it spans 125 miles. But since many of those villages dripping with charm are clustered together around Colmar, it is possible to visit two or three villages a day without driving great distances

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Alsace wine route Route des Vins d'Alsace The Alsace wine route, or Route des Vins d'Alsace, is one of the most beautiful wine routes in Europe. Lined with idyllic wine villages, the gently winding 170 km road passes through the winemaking region of Alsace in the Départements Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin Do you love food and are you looking for a good place to eat near Colmar on the Alsace Wine Route ? Treat yourself at one of our restaurants, from starred fine dining to the local tavern, and enjoy a tasty and convivial meal with traditional Alsace dishes and renowned Alsace wines Follow the romantic 'Route des Vins' between Strasbourg and Colmar. Relaxed biking crossing the hilly Alsatian wine country by quiet country roads. Taste the delicious, local Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris. Enjoy the beautiful panoramas of the Rhine Valley and the Black Forest. Stop in a cozy village full of half-timbered houses, nice shops and terrac Alsace Wine Route Small Group Half-Day Tour with Tasting from Strasbourg cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. Discover and book Alsace Wine Route Small Group Half-Day Tour with Tasting from Strasbourg on Tripadvisor Take a look at our accommodation selection in the heart of the Terre et Vin au Pays de Colmar wine region, along the Alsace Wine Route. 804 Results. Parenthèse vin - 12 pers. - Domaine BROBECKER Detached house.

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Predominantly flat and dotted with picturesque villages, Alsace is ideal to explore by bicycle.As you pedal through some of the most beautiful villages of Alsace, and even of France, the bicycling path along the Alsace Wine Route will enable you to alternate between cultural visits, wine tastings and encounters with friendly locals.All of which at a relatively leisurely pace, because the route. The Alsace Wine Route (170 km long) meanders at the foot of the Vosges mountains through the Alsatian vineyards and links Marlenheim in the north to Thann in the south. In the Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr region, there are 11 wine-growing villages crossed by the Alsace Wine Route, that is to say from north to south The route will guide you through villages full of particularly well preserved Alsace traditions: half-timbered houses (18th and 19th centuries), costumes, folklore and dialects that are still spoken. Time to take a break in one of the numerous wine cellars, you need to cover 60km heading south to reach the outskirts of Strasbourg Bergheim, a village on the Alsace Wine Route by Laurène | Oct 16, 2020 | Cities and villages , On a budget , Open on sundays , Wine route | 0 | Bergheim is a charming village located on the Alsace Wine Route, not too far from Colmar


The Alsace Wine Route (Route des Vin) stretches 170 km from Marlenheim, just north of Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace in the north and ending in Thann, just south of Colmar.Winding through over 70 picturesque towns to explore, through one of France's most beautiful countrysides, the Alsace Wine Route is one of the best wine routes to explore in France, driving past sun-soaked vineyards. The Alsace Wine Route. At 9 am we'll leave from the Parc de l'Etoile bus station in Strasbourg and start our route through some of the most beautiful wine villages in the Alsace, on board a comfortable sightseeing bus.. Our first stop we'll be the charming town of Bergheim, whose typical Alsatian houses seem to have been taken from a fairytale.. Highlights of the route: This trip is based on 4 people travelling together. Discovery of small wine appellations and private meetings with passionate winemakers from Loire Valle Alsace wine route - ask Decanter John Freeman, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, asks : Later this year, my wife and I are looking to do a walking holiday in Alsace which would also take us through the vineyards The Wine Route is a popular tourist area, and has become one of the jewels of Alsace. It winds for 170 km from north to south of the region and crosses 70 wine villages reputed to be the most beautiful villages in Alsace

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Alsace AOC 74% of production. The Alsace AOC requires that no less than 100% of the grape variety labeled be used. This is way different than US requirements that only require a mere 75% (unless you're in Oregon). There are blends allowed in Alsace AOC but they must be labeled 'Edelzwicker,' 'Gentil' or a named wine Founded in 1953, this is the oldest wine route in France, stretching over 150 miles (in the shadow of the Vosges, roughly from the west of Mulhouse to the north of Strasbourg) with more than 1,000. The Alsace Wine Route and Food Tour. Nearly all of the area's well-known winemakers are located in or near quaint villages set along the 106m/170km Alsace Wine Route (Route des Vins d'Alsace), which runs from just west of Strasbourg to a bit northwest of Mulhouse.Several of the designated towns also are on the historic Romanesque Road (Route Romane d'Alsace) and most receive a 3 or 4. La Route des Vins Nord Alsace, l'exotisme d'un territoire singulier. À une soixantaine de kilomètres au nord de Strasbourg, à proximité de la frontière allemande, le pays de Wissembourg et de Cleebourg vous invite à la découverte d'un territoire riche de traditions préservées. Hors du parcours classique de la Route des Vins d'Alsace, on y découvre Wissembourg et son. About the Alsace Wine Route. The Alsace wine road covers 170km of picturesque old villages in Alsace, cultivated vineyards and mostly family-run wineries. There are more than 1000 wineries in Alsace France, split into five regions

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The Alsace Wine Route is known for its exceptional itinerary. From Marlenheim to Thann with a separate area around Wissembourg in the far northern area of the region, the Wine Route passes through more than a hundred towns and villages in bloom and offers picture-postcards landscapes: castle ruins from the Middle Ages, Roman abbeys, winding vineyards, welcoming winstub Hello we will be in Paris in September and are looking to spend a day on the Alsace Wine Route. I saw you can bike certain routes and it was our plan to take the train to Strasbourg or Colmar and from there go to the wine route. I am also considering renting a car in Paris and then just driving to Colmar which takes 5 hours, I would like to save time by train but I have heard it is much easier. On the Alsace Wine Route Whatever the season, the Alsace region seduces its visitors with its beautiful landscapes, its charming villages, and its delicious local produce. Logis, the personalised holiday accommodation specialist, has the perfect package to make the most of this beautiful region whether you are travelling with family or friends The Alsace Wine Route. The region of Alsace, in the northeast of France, has a reputation to uphold. It's funny how you never tend to spend much time traveling in your own region, so as a resident of Alsace, I decided to spend a day exploring the Alsace Wine Route The Alsace Wine Route is of course just another reason to taste some good wine.From April to October are held the Wine festivals all over the Alsace Wine Route. They are great occasions for you to visit, taste and enjoy a good time in this beautiful region

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The Alsace Wine Route stretches down through the Bas-Rhin, beginning at Marlenheim and passing a number of smaller villages along the way, as well as the town of Barr. The Haut-Rhin. Haut-Rhin stretches southwards through the rest of Alsace Take your indoor cycling to the next level and bike the world at your own speed: Dive into an immersive indoor cycling experience with our training app 'Open.. Obernai is a small town located on the Alsace Wine Route, between Colmar and Strasbourg.It is one of the unmissable stops when visiting Alsace, and for good reasons: Obernai is full of charm ! A brief history of the town of Obernai. Obernai is the native town of Saint Odile (Alsace patroness) in the 7th century.Mentioned for the first time in texts dating back from 778, the land depended then. Typically our Alsace Wine Tours (opens in a new tab) will include the visit to 2 or 3 wineries a day in the most famous wine producing areas. During on of our unique tours departing from Strasbourg or Colmar, discover the authentic alsace wine route on a half day or full day tour

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Alsace Wine Route, a 7 day tour from Strasbourg to Obernai, Riquewihr and 2 destinations. Best Selection - Best Price - Trusted Payment Regione Alsace Wine Route keliavusioms poroms labai patiko viešnagė šiose apgyvendinimo įstaigose: Emeline, Hotel Kieffer ir Auberge Le Meisenberg. Regione Alsace Wine Route poros taip pat puikiai įvertino šiuos viešbučius: Hotel Le Mandelberg, James Boutique Hôtel ir L'Hostellerie du Château A wine-growing area to explore Travel along the Alsace Wine Route Festive vineyards A very busy calendar Discover also. The wine-growing area directory Find all the wine-makers Postcards from the wine-growing area An extraordinary and original discovery A land of history and cultur The wine route are marked and advertised roads with special signs, along which insist natural, cultural and environmental values, vineyards and cellars of individual or associated farms open to the public. They constitute an instrument through which the wine territories and their productions can be disclosed, marketed and used in the form of a tourist offer

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Walking the Alsace Wine Route. Walking the Alsace Wine Route 8 Days & 7 Nights 4.6 Read 11 reviews. Discover the treasures of the Alsace wine region in north-eastern France. Walk between picture-perfect villages of Kaysersberg, Ribeauvillé and Eguisheim 8 Days & 7 Nights Walking the Alsace Wine Route walking holidays in France. Discovering the treasures of the Alsace wine region Overview for The Alsace Wine Route and Colmar. The beautiful border region of Alsace, nestled between the Vosges Mountains, the River Rhine and the Black Forest, is walker's paradise, taking the best of French and German culture and offering a wonderful variety of scenery, renowned wines, quality beers and delicious local cuisine Alsace Wine Route, Fransa'daki en iyi havuzlu oteller için fırsatları bulun ve rezerve edin! Konuk değerlendirmelerini keşfedin ve seyahatiniz için mükemmel havuzlu oteli ayırın

Bike Tour: Alsace Wine Route - From Strasbourg to Colmar - 5 days. Follow the romantic 'Route des Vins' between the beautiful cities of Strasbourg and Colmar. Relaxed biking crossing the hilly Alsatian wine country by quiet country roads. Taste the delicious, local Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris Alsace is an ideal cycling holiday destination. The green routes run along Alsace's many canal towpaths and disused railways which are appropriately surfaced and well-maintained for comfortable, safe cycling. Our new holiday, following the Wine route, combines everything the Alsace has to offer - picturesqu From northern to southern Alsace, the Alsace Castle Route passes through 450 km of vineyard landscapes dotted with magnificent fortresses. Set off to conquer these stone sentinels and get up close to nature.Like the Alsace Wine Route and the Crête des Vosges Route, this hiking route highlights the region's medieval heritage and offers breathtaking views of the wine regio

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