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Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, 11 Wt Oz No. 05110 | Item# 100372 The first product specifically developed to clean mass air flow sensors. Designed with advanced Cozol® technology. Increases horsepower & improves air/fuel ratio and MPG. Applications: Mass air flow sensors & housing 16 Ounce Aeroso Köp MAF sensor cleaner, Universal hos Skruvat - 149 kr. Rep & Service, övrigt med orginalkvalitet. Brett utbud och låga priser på Reservdelar Biltillbehör hos Skruvat.se

CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner will safely clean and protect your mass air flow sensor, improving air/fuel ratio and increasing kilometres per litre. The use of aggressive products like brake and carburettor cleaners on MAF sensors can cause serious damage to sensitive parts CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is a safe and effective way to clean delicate MAF sensors in modern vehicles. Engines rely heavily on accurate readings from the MAF sensor to run smoothly and efficiently. A contaminated sensor is likely to cause poor fuel economy, excessive emission, power loss, hard starting, stalling and even gear problems I've always had good experiences with CRC MAF and Throttle Body cleaner and this time was no different. The dealership wanted over $300 to clean the throttle body alone on our 2011 lexus is250, so I ordered some CRC and decided to do it myself. While I was in there I also cleaned the MAF sensor and put in a k&n filter CRC 05103 QD Electronic Cleaner -11 Wt Oz 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,596 # 1 Best Seller in Electrical Cleaners. $4.97. Gunk MAS6 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - 6 oz. 4.6 out of 5 stars 113 # 1 Best.

CRC MAF Cleaner. Towel. How to Clean a Mass Air Flow Sensor. 1. Unplug the Sensor. Turn the engine off, remove the keys from the ignition, and let the engine cool. Locate the mass air flow sensor by consulting your owner's manual. Unplug the part from the vehicle's electrical system. 2 Save on CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner (11 wt. oz.) 05110 at Advance Auto Parts. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes I recently used the Contact Cleaner from CRC to clean the MAF. Excellent results. Just have to watch the temperature, as the cleaner is probably some kind of Freon. The case got so cold, frost formed on it. I waited a few minutes for the water to evaporate and reinstalled the MAF. No light for three weeks. BTW, I used the cleaner 'cause it was. CRC's Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is specifically developed to clean MAF sensors without damaging or degrading plastic, painted surfaces or sensitive components. Here's how to use CRC's Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Use CRC's Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner with the engine off; Unplug the MAF wiring harnes CRC's Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is supplied in a spray form, providing clean and directed spray patterns. Unlike other spray cleaners that might leave a film to prevent the build up of dust and grease, this CRC spray is engineered to penetrate and remove dust and dirt, without leaving any film or residue that could interfere with the operation of the sensor

CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, 11oz Can

Introducing the ORIGINAL CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner. Stop using aggressive chemicals to clean sensitive MAF sensors! If you've got a dirty mass air flo.. CRC SensorKleen Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, 312 Grams - 75110. CRC Canada Co Shop for CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner 11oz with confidence at AutoZone.com. Parts are just part of what we do. Get yours online today and pick up in store

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Finest Selection 10K Boost MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor Meter Cleaner Spray 200ml Restores Power. 4.1 out of 5 stars 9. £12.98 £ 12. 98. FREE Delivery. Only 9 left in stock. Other options New from £12.95. CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - 11 Wt Oz. by CRC. 5.0 out of. Unfortunately, CRC's MAF Cleaner is not a product that's available in my neck of the woods. Nearly every other CRC product is widely available, but this particular one isn't. I used to clean my MAF with CRC's QD Electronic Cleaner, but that's a different product judging by its spec sheet. Its.. CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner (11 oz.) - CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is the safe and effective alternative to underground methods of MAF sensor cleaning. Don't us aggressive chemicals like brake parts cleaners or carburetor cleaners on MAF sensors. These can cause serious damage to sensitive parts. Use CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner -- It's the right product for the job The CRC MAF and Throttle Body Mass Air Flow Meter kit is specifically developed to clean sensors. It is designed with advanced Cozol technology for increased horsepower and MPG. This air sensor single-use twin pack cleans gum and varnish from the throttle valves and body for easier starting

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, 11 Wt Oz - CRC Industrie

CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner . Most fuel-injected vehicles are equipped with a mass air flow sensor, or MAF sensor to measure the amount and density of air entering the engine. This is information the computer uses to determine how much fuel to inject into the engine for combustion as air enters the cylinders CRC Electronic Cleaner 250 ml Ett milt elektronikrengöringsmedel som avlägsnar lätta oljor, fingeravtryck och damm från all slags konsumentelektronik. Produkten är mild och väl avpassad för att känsliga komponenter ska kunna rengöras utan risk för skador. Kan användas på känsliga plaster

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Shop for CRC Industries Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Part #: 05110 for your vehicle. Get product details, choose a store, and get directions. Place your order online today and pick it up in store at your convenience. Visit our site for coupons and promotions. Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner; The first product specifical Unlike cleaners that you pour in your fuel tank, CRC GDI IVD ® Intake Valve & Turbo Cleaner does not get diluted in the fuel. Using a formulation of PEA (PolyEther Amine) that is 150 times more concentrated on the intake valves than any premium fuel additive, CRC GDI IVD® Intake Valve & Turbo Cleaner works to remove hard-carbon deposits and restore your engine's performance CRC SensorKleen Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner dissolves dirt, grease and flux Will not harm sensitive electronics or plastic Var hitta CRC Air-sensor cleaner? Hej! Om detta är ditt första besök på Bilsnack och funderar på att bli medlem? Klicka här för att läsa reglerna. För funderingar på hur du använder sajten, gå till FAQ. Känner du dig redo, bli medlem här! Resultat 1 till 4 av

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CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - Cleans delicate MAF sensors for smoother engine operation and better fuel economy. CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is a safe and effective way to clean delicate MAF sensors in modern vehicles. Engines rely heavily on accurate readings from the MAF sensor to run smoothly and efficiently CRC Rengörningsmedel power clean. 250ml. Rengöringsmedel Power clean är ett kraftfullt rengöringsmedel, främst avsett för service och reparation. Sammansättningen är utvecklad för snabb och effektiv avfettning och rengöring av metalldelar, maskiner och verktyg - det blir rent nästan ögonblickligen

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CRC MAF cleaner has made the engine much more responsive and starts better. My car was a bit difficult to start when warm and then started to misfire. I did put a new crankcase breather system on at the same time. But I am sure that the CRC MAF cleaner has made the engine much more responsive and starts better. Verified purchase: Yes. CRC Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Cleaner Instructional Video - YouTube. It is designed with advanced Cozol® technology for increased horsepower and MPG. It also improves air/fuel ratio and removes harmful deposits

crc_maf_cleaner of best value to buy. Cheapest crc_maf_cleaner online on TVC-Mall.com, wholesale now for inexpensive crc_maf_cleaner CRC® Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - 11 oz. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store CRC 05110 product is specifically developed to clean mass air flow sensors. This product improves air/fuel ratio. It should be used every time you clean or change your air filter. Formulated with advanced Cozol technology; Product increases horsepower and improves MPG; CRC mass air flow sensor cleaner is plastic safe and leaves no residu

That's why the CRC MAF cleaning product is called Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner. Because it is designed to clean the MAF! Simple as that. Buy the right product (or tool) for the job and be happy! Cheers CRC erbjuder dig ett komplett sortiment av kemiska produkter: rengöringsmedel, smörjmedel, antikorrosionsmedel, färg, underhållsprodukter och andra specialprodukter. CRC Röd : En fullständig produktserie för bilindustrins eftermarknad. CRC Grön : Produkter för allt industriellt underhålls- och reparationsarbete.

Please remember to disable your adblocker to view content from our sponsors For the record CRC electronics cleaner and CRC MAF cleaner ARE the exact same chemical make up. And contain NO protectant or conditioner that may contaminate the maf sensor! These will NOT melt plastics!!!!! WARNING!!!!DO NOT USE CRC electramotive on the MAF it may melt plastic parts. Modified by cricketchirp at 8:04 PM 2-28-200 CRC Valve Cleaner. Lagerstatus webbshop. I lager 1-4 arbetsdagar leveranstid. Lagerstatus butik. Välj butik för lagerstatus › 95 kr. CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner is specifically designed to remove oil, dirt, fibers and dust from the sensor without damage. The chemicals used are hexane-based, which evaporate quickly without the use of alcohol. A clean MAF sensor is a happy MAF sensor Some manufacturers like CRC do the R&D and produce a specific MAF sensor cleaner you can rely on for your Holden or Hyundai, Mazda or Merc, whereas there are lots of anecdotal experts and conspiracy theorists who reckon lots of other products are just as good for them all and you won't be getting ripped off by fancy marketing

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  1. I use CRC MAF cleaner. If you do a google search for it, there are several utube videos on how to clean the sensors. Some use the spray with a very gentle brush. Personally, I just use the spray and let it evaporate, no brush. If after 1 or 2 cleanings, your MAF rate doesn't increase, I would replace the sensors
  2. The maf cleaner is made by crc it's crc mass air flow cleaner. you can get info on it at there website crc industries.com . 5. 5.oh my god New Member. Jan 22, 2006 0 0 0 Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Jun 2, 2007 #4 the crc maf cleaner is good stuff, just used it on my vw jetta this week. most carquest stores should carry it
  3. 5 product ratings - CRC 05111 MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor & Throttle Body Intake Cleaner Twin Pack Ki
  4. e with non residual electrical contact cleaner as recommended by Darkdan every time I re oil my K&N CAI. Its a good idea to do this when you re oil. Oh yeah I use the CRC brand. It is used on my 05 F150 with the 5.4L engine. Did not have a problem before just a precaution from any oil blowing out of the filter onto the MAF. Cha
  5. CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner will safely clean and protect your mass air flow sensor, improving air/fuel ratio and increasing kilometres per litre. The use of aggressive products like brake and carburettor cleaners on MAF sensors can cause serious damage to sensitive parts. Specifications. Shipping Weight: 0.422 kg.

One recommended cleaner is the CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - 11 Wt Oz. which can be found on the link on Amazon. It is specially designed to clean MAF sensor wires. Reinstall the MAF Sensor. Once the MAF sensor is cleaned, let it dry for a couple of minutes Regular cleaning with CRC Throt-L-Body restores engine performance, improves fuel economy, reduces engine wear and prevents build-up while lubricating moving parts. For maximum performance use CRC Throt-L-Body and CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner every time air filter is serviced CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - 11 Wt Oz. by CRC. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. £19.99 £ 19. 99. FREE Delivery. Mass Air Flow Sensor Meter MAF sensor cleaner for 206 SW 306 307 SW Boxer Partner Berling Jumper Xsara Ducato Expert 1.9 2.0 2.2 HDI 5WK9623 9628336380

CRC GDI IVD ® Intake Valve & Turbo Cleaner Frequently Asked Questions . Q: What is PEA? A: Polyether Amine or PEA. This is the active ingredient for carbon removal. Q: How often can I use the product on my vehicle? A: A: It is safe to use every 10,000 miles or at every oil change. Q: Can I use on turbo or super charged engines It's just, on the MAF sensor, it evaporates faster. It's a better cleaner and it cost a lot more, too. So you really don't need to waste money from a MAF sensor cleaner on a throttle body. Because the throttle body cleaner is cheaper. But if you've got some leftover and you want to clean the throttle, then it's perfectly fine to do it MAF cleaner; A rag; Screwdriver or Torx tool (depending on your vehicle) Once you have collected your materials, make sure your vehicle is parked on level ground with the emergency brake engaged. Make sure that you have the engine off before beginning. You should also allow time for the engine to cool before attempting to clean the MAF sensor. just cleaned my maf sensor using the halfords contact cleaner as advised by others on here. even though my maf looked clean i sprayed about half a can in total including a quick spray of the electrical connecter. shook excess off and then used a hairdryer on it, refitted and left it for 45min to make sure it was dry. took the car out for a spin and noticed the throttle response was a lot lot.

MAF Sensor Cleaner by CRC seems to be an excellent new product. There aren't any identical products, although electrical cleaner may be similar. The Mass Air Flow Sensor heats up to red hot every time you shut it down, which presents a different type of crud and build-up than in a typical electrical device Tag Archives: crc maf cleaner. Air Intake Cleaning. Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) Cleaning & Cleaners. January 10, 2014 Oilem 6 Comments. A Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) is used to measure the amount of air entering an engine We recommend that you clean the MAF sensor every time you change your air filter. Here's how: Before going to the store, pull off the air duct between the air filter box and the throttle body to see how the MAF sensor is anchored. If you see Torx screws, buy a Torx tool and a can of CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Use CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner -- It's the right product for the job! It safely and easily cleans the MAF hot wires and electrical components without damage to the wires or plastic housing. Cleaning is simple, safe and fast. The whole job should take less than 10 minutes CRC AMBERSIL STALUBE K&W MARYKATE SMARTWASHER. ( MAF SENSOR ) ในรถยนต์ซึ่งใช้วัดปริมาณอากาศที่ไหลเข้าเครื่อง The first product specifically developed to clean mass air flow sensors

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Buy CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - 11 Wt Oz. online on Amazon.ae at best prices. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase Find great deals on eBay for crc mass air flow sensor cleaner and crc throttle body cleaner. Shop with confidence For this all we need is a screwdriver and a can of CRC MAF air flow cleaner or a replacement Denso sensor Crc MAF air flow cleaner is basically a fancier version of brake clean to help protect the very crucial and critical parts that make up your MAF. If you do not use the proper formulation you can easily damage your MAF and will need to replace it CRC MAF & Throttle Body Cleaner Kit comes in a handy 2 pack kit to remedy your intake system of any deposits or dirt, drastically improving fuel economy and horsepower. Designed for petrol engines, it cleans Mass Air Flow sensors on fuel injected engines and also removes harmful deposits from their throttle bodies and air intake systems

CRC MAF sensor cleaner, now truck randomly sputters. Discussion in '1st Gen. Tacomas (1995-2004)' started by misteroldschool, Feb 10, 2018. Post Reply. Feb 10, 2018 at 2:03 PM #1 #1. misteroldschool [OP] Well-Known Member. Joined: Sep 23, 2014 Member: #138927 Messages: 65 Gender: Male US -> Netherland EDIT: Also, most believe that CRC QD Electric Cleaner is the same thing as the MAF cleaner but that relabled with a higher price. MAF cleaner runs $6.99 and QD cleaner runs $4.99 It's important to keep your MAF sensor clean so it operates properly. While there are alcohol-based cleaners available, you can save some money by cleaning the MAF sensor with isopropyl alcohol at home. Step 1. Locate the mass air flow sensor on your vehicle, which will be under the hood CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner cleans dust, pollen, soot, and air filter oil that can burn onto the hot wires causing faulty read-outs and decreasing engine performance. CRC Throttle body cleaner removes and prevents build-up of harmful throttle body deposits (5023) Battery Cleaner With Acid Indicator, 11 WT OZ (5037) White Lithium Grease, 10 WT OZ (5046) Battery Terminal Protector, 7.5 Wt Oz (5084) Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner - Non-Chlorinated, 14 Wt Oz (5111) MAF & Throttle Body Single-Use Twin Pack, 1 Kit (5185) Duster™ Moisture-Free Dust & Lint Remover, 8 Wt Oz , Case of 12 Unit

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  1. CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner easily cleans MAF electrical components without damage to the wires or housing. It's plastic safe and dries in seconds! Dynamometer proven to gain 4 to10 horsepower, improve air/fuel ratio and MPG
  2. CRC MAF cleaner I have a 2000 Discovery 2 with 117K miles. I have owned the car for approximately 6 months. I got a Service Engine Soon light and looked for a solution on this site. I had no record of the MAF being cleaned, so I decided to try to clean it with the CRC MAF cleaner
  3. El primer producto desarrollado específicamente para limpiar sensores de flujo de aire. Diseñado con tecnología avanzada COzol ®. Aumenta la potencia y mejora la relación aire / combustible y MPG
  4. Using a CRC mass air flow sensor cleaner, you just have to remove the sensor and open the CRC spray head then Spray the filament till it is dirt free and clean, then you now have to re-install or couple back the MAF sensor
  5. CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner Linpiador del sensor de fluþ de aire Safe 9 hot Evaporates in Seconds Proven to Gain MPG 4-10 Whets REAL TESTS REAL RESULTS g) CRC. Chemical Solutions to Keep You Moving. CRC. 00000 800-272-8963 crcindustries.co

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  1. CRC designed the first product specifically developed for cleaning mass air flow sensors using advanced Cozol� technology Cleaning your MAF sensor reduces rough Increase your horsepower and reduce rough idle and hesitation with CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner. Customer Reviews 4.5 stars, based on.
  2. dre föroreningar. För allehanda elektronik. Rengöringssprayen är ett mycket effektivt hjälpmedel för rengöring av allehanda konsumentelektronik samt plaster, gummimaterial och ytbeläggningar
  3. Hi - where I live, we don't have the CRC MAF cleaner. I did find CRC CARB cleaner, is this good enough to clearn the MAF on an X5? Thank
  4. crc cleaner maf. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. P. pc1mh · Registered. Joined Nov 22, 2008 · 93 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 2, 2008. is this the best.
  5. I searched all the 100 threads here looking for info on MAF cleaning. I found some stuff but not tons. I went off site and found CRC now makes a MAF cleaner that is specifically formulated to clean, leave no resudue, and be plastics friendly
  6. Buy Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Cleaner 11 oz Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - CRC 05110 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more
  7. Cleaning the MAF sensor was on my tuner's pretune check off list. The MAF sensor is very easy to clean. You can use a MAF cleaner (CRC makes some) or isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). If you end up using a non-aerosol liquid, just pour some into a clean zip-lock plastic bag. Seal the sensor in and shake the bag by gripping the sensor housing

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  1. Citro Cleaner Heavy duty cleaner based on natural orange terpenes for safe cleaning of machinery and equipment during maintenance activities. Cleaners - Heavy duty. CRC Acrylic Hitemp Paint protects metal from high temperatures up to 800° C, which makes it ideal for painting engines, pipelines, heat shields, ovens, pipes
  2. For anyone who knows, it is very difficult to get hold of CRC MAF cleaner in the UK due to the materials used. If you want one, go to this site now and place your order
  3. g your maf is really dirty and you can gain the power BACK. but..
  4. utes, then spray it again to knock free more dirt. The anemometers should be very clean by the time you're done
  5. GLASS CLEAN PRO Removes road film, grease, finger prints, smoke haze, squashed insects and residues from glass surfaces. Car Care. CRC Braklube Plus Pro combines the high quality of CRC Braklube Pro with an innovative dispensing system, that allows you to easily apply this premium brake grease without waste or mess. Lubricants

CRC Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Cleaner Instructional Video. Video: Could a dirty mass air flow sensor be triggering your check engine light? CRC product video series. Full product description and step by step instructions on how to apply CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner. Sign up for Email Updates Cleaning MAF with this cleaner makes actual difference in performance for my 2004 first generation MPFI grand vitara XL 7. Smooths out idle and runs like a charm once I clean the MAF every 6 months with it. Given the price of a MAF sensor (around 25000), I would continue to use this product Hi guys, What is the best stuff to clean the maf sensor with? Will brake cleaner work or is it to aggressive or should I use electrical contact cleaner? Here in the UK I cant seem to find maf cleaner off the shelf. Cheers Kalli

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i used maf cleaner from autozone and instead of just spraying through screen to get it i took it apart and sprayed the connections with short blast from a distance now the metal the sensors are hooked to are green , CRC Mass Air-flow Sensor Cleaner is the very best Crc maf cleaner with crc mass sensor cleaner instructions to date on the air, but you can see only need to be found. Gloves to dry and crc mass air sensor cleaner instructions to be found. Section down below to apply crc mass air flow cleaner Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor cleaner spray. A safe and effectiveproduct to clean and protect delicate sensors. For maximum performance use CRC Throt-l-body & CRC Mass air flow every time the air filter is serviced. 400ml aerosol. Manufacturer CRC

How to Clean Your Vehicle'S Mass Air Flow (Maf) Senso

CRC AIR SENSOR CLEAN MASS AIR FLOW METER CLEANER + MAF 200ml | Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Car Accessories, Car Care & Cleaning | eBay TIP 4: Your local Auto Parts (like AutoZone or O'Reilly Auto Parts) will have the appropriate MAF sensor cleaner. The most common/popular is the CRC mass air sensor cleaner (part number: 05110). You don't have to use a dedicated MAF sensor cleaner since the CRC MAF sensor cleaner suffers from being a tad too expensive (but it beats using something unapproved and frying the MAF sensor) and so.

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Någon fler som provat crc´s air sensor cleaner. Volvo S60, S80, V70N (00-08), XC70 (00-08), XC90 (03-14) relaterade ämnen OBS! vid motorproblem försök att ange vad du har för motor i bilen... Moderator: Moderatore CRC | Air Sensor Clean | PRO | 250ml | 32712-AA Item Condition: New Improves and restores the performance and reliability of Mass Air Flow sensors as used on modern injection engines CRC Industries är världsledande inom produktion av kemiska specialprodukter för underhåll och professionella repartioner och gör-det-själv. Hos Swedol hittar du CRCs produkter för fordonsindustrin, tunga lastbilstransporter, marin, el och industri. CRCs sortiment är under uppbyggnad. Tillsvidare finner ni CRCs breda produktsortiment här

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Rengör insprutningspumpen, spridare och bränslesystemet i allmänhet i diesel- och bensinmotorer. Dessutom förebyggs föroreningar och vattenseparation. Kompatibel med etanol (E10) och kan användas oavsett oktantal 10 Best Crc Mass Airflow Cleaner - November 2020. Rank . Product Name. Score . 1. CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - 11 Wt Oz. 9.7. Score. Check Price Now ! 2. CRC 05610 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, 4.5 Wt Oz . 9.6. Score. Check Price Now ! 3. Gunk MAS6 Mass Air. CRC Maf sensor cleaner bnu? Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of CRC Mongolia on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of CRC Mongolia on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related. Product identifier QD® Electronic Cleaner Other means of identification Product code 05101, 05103, 05703 Recommended use Manufactured or sold by: Company name CRC Industries, Inc. Address 885 Louis Dr. Warminster, PA 18974 US Telephone General Information 215-674-4300 Technical Assistance 800-521-3168 Customer Service 800-272-4620 24-Hour. Buy low price and imported quality Crc maf cleaner Amazon products. Order Crc maf cleaner Online in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & All Across Pakistan on Shoppingexpress.pk 0315-4006746 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

MAF Sensor and Throttle Body Cleaning DIY: GS400 & GS430
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